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Fan Theory: Inside the Brain of a Fan

Great Stories Drive a Connection and Become a Part of Who You Are

May 24, 2017

Seeing the Stories We Love Can Impact Our Brains in Surprising Ways

Being a fan of a show is more than just a passive experience. Great stories drive a connection and become a part of who you are. We know what this type of fandom can look like on the outside. But what happens on the inside? That’s one of the questions Viacom’s Global Consumer Insights team sought to answer in a new series of explorations, Fan Theory.

The team partnered with Comedy Central and neuroscientists from Merchant Mechanics in a study, aptly titled “Inside the Brain of a Fan”, to measure the internal effects of fandom. Using fMRI neuroimaging technology, the team chose South Park as the stimulus for the study and monitored the brain activity of fans and non-fans while watching a 30-minute episode of the show.

What the research revealed helps to piece together what really happens in our brains when seeing stories we love and sets a framework for a deeper understanding of fandom, and fans overall.

To learn more about this exploration, click on the video below.

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