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V Spotlight: Justine Bloome

Creative Strategist. Change Agent. Media All-Star.

Sep 14, 2016

Creative Strategist. Change Agent. Media All-Star. 

Justine Bloome has been called many things during her 17 years in the industry, but it’s what her work says that matters most.  Known for her innate ability to dig deep into audience behavior, Bloome’s career path in her native Australia as both a business strategist and entrepreneur was a natural springboard to her current role as EVP, Head of Strategy and Innovation at Carat, where she oversees big-name clients like MTV, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, ING Direct and a slew of other global heavyweights.

And while we can’t help but admire the buzz she generates, it’s the person behind the curtain that has us most intrigued.  From her current inspirations to her future predictions, Bloome’s unique perspective is part of the reason Adweek has declared her one of the top agency executives who set the bar for innovative work in 2016.

justineNo one would expect it, but I’m a huge fan of going to the cinema by myself. There’s something so calming about sitting in a darkened room, shut from the outside world and anything buzzing around in my head, and simply getting lost in a story without any distractions.

The last thing that inspired me was an article from a Norwegian thinker and strategist, Helge Tennø, about why every company is a gaming company.

Something unexpected I’ve learned during the course of my career… Experience is King. Content, consumer, context, product, innovation – these are all very important, and yes, definitely part of the monarchy – but in a world of infinite choice that we can connect to directly via the web, it is ultimately the sum of the experiences people have with a business, brand and product that defines its success in the long run.

The marketing innovation I’m most excited about is VIV.ai – which is more than just marketing innovation. VIV will revolutionize the way people get things done, simplify the way humanity interfaces with devices and it will have profound impacts on brand experience, brand loyalty, search behaviors and marketing methods. It will remove even more friction from our experiences with the web, apps and businesses – helping us to ‘do more’ with the help of an intelligent digital assistant, saving time and money.

The future of media in 10 years looks… vastly different to today, of course. Media, content, commerce, tech and experiences will continue to converge through data, such that no decisions will be made independently by discipline. Machine learning and deep learning will deliver personalization of communications as intricate as our biological DNA. We will be ‘marketing’ to artificial intelligence – digital assistants that are the proxy for the human end-user of our products and services. Branding will still be important, more purpose-driven and the art of persuasion will still require sociocultural anthropology skills and will leverage neuroscience more.