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The Three Rules of Creatorship

"Caine’s Arcade" Director Nirvan Mullick breaks down the best way to get to a big idea from start to finish.

May 01, 2017

As a filmmaker, professional speaker and social entrepreneur, Nirvan Mullick is no stranger when it comes to bringing big groups of people together to make something special happen.  In fact, it’s become a successful benchmark in his career starting with the viral sensation that is Caine’s Arcade the film short he produced in 2012 that launched him into the spotlight after earning 5 million + views online. Now actively engaged in instilling creativity in children around the world through his, Mullick continues to use his experience to help others reach their own creative potential. In talking to Nirvan, we learned the three most important rules to bring a concept to life and push it forward.

Rule #1: Every Big Idea Needs Someone to Steer It

“If a project has a director, their job is to create an environment where everyone can give their best ideas and then make the decisions about which ones will improve the project. Something could be a really great idea, but just not be the right fit for a particular project at a particular time. So it could be a matter of sequencing them, or even iterating on them.”

Rule #2: Always Keep a Big Idea in Focus

“Most big ideas start with a germ of an idea, and somewhere along the way they  translated so many times that they don’t make sense anymore to the people that are trying to sell them. Sometimes it’s the limitations that inspire the best work.”

Rule #3:  Balance a Big Idea Against Investment and Opportunity

“I think creators have to prove that they can deliver and execute on a budget and on time and then convert ideas into something that can validate the investment. As creatives do this, they should be given more space and more creative control. But, I think it would be nice to give them projects that are lower cost that allows them to exercise their voice and give them opportunities to take risks.” 

Watch Caine’s Arcadbelow.