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A show about why we love what we love

2: Love Me, Hate Me Ft. Charlamagne Tha God

How do celebrities truly connect with their fans? For some, it's by oversharing on social media. For others, it's through a podcast. But the medium matters less than the message these days — what counts is authenticity. On this week's episode, Ross goes deep with Charlamagne Tha God, host of The Breakfast Club and Uncommon Sense on MTV2, about the power of radical honesty in a era when everyone is putting their most polished self forward.

1: Theme Songs

Think of your favorite TV show. Now, think about its theme song. Can you feel that little pang in your heart? This week on Fan Club, Ross tries to figure out how TV theme songs burrow their way into your subconscious. He talks with neuroscientist Dr. Kimberly Clark of Dartmouth about how just experiencing South Park’s opening title sequence affects its fans’ brains, and then interviews Shelly Palmer, who’s written some of the world’s catchiest and most memorable jingles. (Here’s a hint: Meow!)

Teaser: Fan Club

Welcome to Fan Club, a six-episode exploration of why we love what we love. Our host Ross Martin goes down a different rabbit hole of fandom every episode. He talks with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio about delighting your customers, learns about the brain chemistry of a South Park superfans, talks MMA fandom with fighter Chael Sonnen and art with Shepard Fairey, and tries to figure out why anyone would wait on line for four hours for cookie dough. Fan Club is presented by Viacom and launches May 16.

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