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Building A Category-Specific Marketing Solution for Hollywood

Bringing Viacom’s data-driven advanced TV advertising offerings to the big screen.

Dec 16, 2016

Over the last few years, Viacom Vantage, our advanced TV advertising solution, found major success and quick adoption in the marketplace. At the same time, we recognized that there are other marketing challenges that advertisers could better use premium TV to address. One of those challenges specifically is the one movie studios often face when launching a new movie release.

Movie campaigns are different. They are generally short, high-budget and unique—a movie’s original release only happens once. As a result, they’re very high stakes. Moreover, movies are launched in a market with two significant challenges. One, the movie market is crowded with hundreds of releases every year. Two, there’s a wide range of moviegoing habits among the US population to consider. While frequent moviegoers go to the theater once a month or more driving 51% of tickets sold, they only represent 11% of the entire population. Another 32% never go to the movies at all, leaving 57% who go occasionally.

This landscape points directly to the challenge of the movie marketer: How do I make sure I drive broad awareness of my film’s release to the majority of the population who go to the movies, while at the same time attracting enough high-quality prospects to entice them to buy a ticket opening weekend?

  By taking advantage of Vantage’s ability to build plans on a telecast level and harnessing our proprietary predictive engine, we can offer this powerful combination of reach and targeting.

To solve this problem, studios have historically focused on buying media plans that maximize reach and content similarities. As we considered how we might be able to help our studio partners and their agencies, we decided we would need to create a category-specific solution – Vantage Studio Edition.

Vantage Studio Edition ensures advertisers achieve the same reach, or better, as their prior approach while at the same time driving significantly more impressions among a movie-specific, custom segment of viewers (i.e. the ones most likely to be interested in the film given their demographics, moviegoing behaviors, and content affinities). By taking advantage of Vantage’s ability to build plans based on the airing of a specific program on a day, time and network and harnessing our proprietary predictive engine, we can offer this powerful combination of reach and targeting.

Ultimately, we recognize the studio business is complex with a vast range of players (from actors, producers and writers to grips, marketers and editors) who spend months working on any given film with one chance to succeed.

To the extent that our work can impact a film’s chance of success, we are determined to help all these players win by supporting their marketing efforts. While the ability to combine reach optimization and targeting has not traditionally been possible with television advertising, Vantage Studio Edition is revolutionizing the old legacy approach to TV.