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Illustrations by Hannah Kunkle.


How to Drive Engagement With Experiential Marketing

New consumer data from Comedy Central's Colossal Clusterfest reveals a bright spot for marketers and audiences.

Feb 12, 2018

Over the last few years, consumers have shifted their priorities, choosing to spend money on experiences instead of things. This has led to rapid growth in travel and dining out—a trend that’s projected to continue over the next five years, driven by increased spending on vacations and alcoholic drinks.1

For marketers and brands, this trend is an opportunity to explore new ways of reaching audiences with real-world activations. Immersive experiences can make lasting connections, creating environments where consumers connect with brands as part of the entertainment. Here, new consumer data from Comedy Central’s Colossal Clusterfest 2017 shows how experiential marketing can drive engagement. 

Prioritizing the audience

Consumers are investing in experiences because they want to be part of something tactile and memorable. With that in mind, Colossal Clusterfest 2017 was created to give audiences a way to engage with Comedy Central’s brand.

Creating authentic brand integrations

All aspects of the 3-day festival were produced with fans in mind, creating an environment where fans were eager to engage with the event’s sponsors.

Driving brand recall and purchase intent

Well-conceived and well-executed events leave an impression with consumers, encouraging fans to interact with one another and to generate conversations (both online and off). This type of people-powered marketing is a significant step in the traditional customer journey, driving purchase intent and brand recall.

Clusterfest will return in 2018. Tickets and line-up will be announced February 13, 2018. More details here

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