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Vantage Amplifies Automaker’s “Drive To Buy”

The power of advanced TV and its impact on targeted audiences proves to be a winning formula for Toyota’s RAV4.

May 11, 2017

In recent years, advertisers aiming to reach young, active audiences have steered away from traditional TV advertising. Many advertisers have assumed, based on growth of mobile and digital platforms, that younger audiences can no longer be reached through traditional TV. Toyota recently disproved this misconception through a custom TV campaign for the Rav4 SUV. “Active young couples with aspirations and dreams, people with a thirst for adventure,” offers John Lisko, Saatchi & Saatchi executive communications director, when asked to describe his client Toyota’s qualitative product research findings on the ideal audience segment for its RAV4 SUV. “These are people with an active lifestyle; they’re not couch potatoes,” he adds.

But younger audiences do watch TV. In fact, it’s exactly the medium the automaker hoped to tap into when they came to Viacom for help delivering the right message to a very specific audience. Having worked with Viacom since 2014, Toyota was interested in utilizing Viacom Vantage (Viacom’s data-driven TV platform that uses predictive analytics to help marketers define and engage their audience more effectively across Viacom’s networks) to identify and build out a custom audience.

“We said ‘sign us up for this’ because this is what we’ve been looking for,” Lisko explains. “There were high stakes with this.”

The Campaign Mechanics

Using research collected by Saatchi and Zenith Media, Viacom was able to take the custom segment and then plug it into Vantage to activate the campaign across specific Viacom properties on Comedy Central, CMT, Spike, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

“Instead of looking at TV in the traditional broad demography sense we looked at TV specifically through the lens of the audience that Zenith and Saatchi were trying to reach for their client,” notes Bryson Gordon, Viacom EVP of Data Strategy. “And then we fundamentally optimized ad placement based on that.”

Offer Them a Lift

Optimized for in-target impression lift, Vantage was able provide Toyota with information on how many more people within the target audience were exposed to the RAV4 campaign through related content pairing (compared to a traditional TV schedule that’s built around demographic ratings). As Gordon explains, this strategy proved extremely successful. “We saw nearly a 100 percent lift in the concentration for in-target impressions, which was a really strong result for the campaign.” This was amplified by lifts in other important areas, including heightened awareness, purchase intent, favorability, and likelihood to recommend RAV4.

Closing the Deal

But the real “drive to buy” came in the form of Vantage’s mobile geolocation data that was able to determine the exact lift of people who viewed the RAV4 campaign through exposure to Viacom programming and then went to the car dealership versus those who did not.

“We saw a 32 percent lift there,” says Gordon. “It’s a good indicator that can give you insight in terms of how well the targeting is working, how well the campaign is working to drive an outcome.”

And work it did. The RAV4 campaign ultimately demonstrated results 100 percent higher than what Toyota would have received through traditional media buying techniques.

Lisko agrees. “You put the right programming with the right messaging, you’re going to see a lift. It’s just that simple.”